5 Best Places to Spend Christmas: The World's Most Festive Cities

We're all for snow days and cuddling up with loved ones by the fire, but the month of December is also a prime time for traveling—mainly to see how the rest of the world celebrates Christmas. These cities are worth a visit any time of year, sure, but they seem to be exceptionally magical during the holiday season. Whether they're European classics with storybook Christmas markets, Asian cities where you can see twinkling lights from a rooftop pool, or ski paradises right here in the U.S., some celebrations are worth the price of a plane ticket. And let's face it: You haven't really seen Christmas lights until you've seen 26 million lights all at once (we're looking at you, Colombia). From Cologne, Germany, to Cape Town, here are the best places to spend Christmas this year.

This gallery was originally published in December 2015. It has been updated with new information.

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