B|FIT FLEX Rubber Elastic Band


Versatile exercise band for yoga and bodyweight fitness

This simple rubber elastic band seems too good to be true, but it isn't-- it's actually a versatile tool that can add targeted resistance to your workout, functioning as a chest expander for yoga, a legs expander for yoga, or as an assistant for any number of at-home exercises.

As a chest expander for yoga or a legs expander for yoga, the band can be integrated into your existing workout to magnify its effects. It's a great choice for those trying to maintain perfect form and prevent injury because the band's resistance prevents sudden, quick movement.

Leveraging the muscles you have now helps reduce fat and increase lean muscle mass naturally-- and using added resistance from an exercise band like this one makes your workout more effective than bodyweight resistance alone. The rubber elastic band is easy to use, yet still delivers powerful results-- a wise investment in your health!  

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